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Welcome to Devcent Nigeria

Your customers won’t settle and neither should you. With Devcent Nigeria, technology teams know more and work better together. Develop the skills you need for your top priorities. Improve workflows with actionable data. Build better—every time.

Who Are We

DevCent Nigeria is dedicated computer IT Training Establishment .
We have excelled in IT Training/Education, IT Consultancy
and IT Solutions Development . In our 7 years of successful
existence. Caring Everyone and everything matters in the
society and in the world. We care for everyone irrespective
of their association with us. Innovation Change is the only
constant; therefore, DEVCENT always strives for innovation
to discover new and better opportunities that promote an
inclusive and sustainable growth environment

Our Vision

Helping individuals to identify and achieve their development, growth and career goals in ICT.

Our Mission

 is a world in which all Student’s get value for what they pay for and even more

Our Practical

 One on one personalized training has set us as one of the best Computer training institute in Ogun State Nigeria.
We train and teach you Computer and ICT skills from scratch to professional level . Even if you are a novice in computer, then you are in the right place.
You literally have to be able to use certain software programs like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel ,
Microsoft Office PowerPoint, CorelDraw, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
We will train you until you have a perfect understanding of whatever you want to achieve.

Our 6-D Process


Choose what to learn

From building websites to analyzing data, the choice is yours. Not sure where to start? We’ll point you in the right direction.


Learn by doing

No matter your experience level, you’ll be writing real, working code in minutes.


Get instant feedback

Your code is tested as soon as you submit it, so you always know if you’re on the right track.


Put your learning into practice

Apply your learning with real-world projects and test your knowledge with tailor-made quizzes.


Land your dream job

Coding, Designing, Prototyping, digital Marketing, Programming, Networking skills have never been more in-demand. Learn everything you need to take your career to the next level.


Join the Millions Learning to Code in the World today at Devcent Nigeria

Why Choose Us?

Our Practical one on one personalized training has set us as one of the best Computer training institute in Ogun State Nigeria.

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